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The working/draft mission of Wakefield Climate Action Project of Wakefield Massachusetts USA is to create and promote programs that address global climate and environmental issues. Our current projects include supporting a farmer's market in Wakefield (Farmer's Market), encouraging elementary students at Dolbeare and other schools to walk to school in the mornings (Walking School Bus), hosting educational forums at the library (Educational Forums), working to encourage expansion of town recycling efforts (Recycling), and NEW - initiating an Anti-Idling Campaign in Wakefield. You can get more information on these projects by clicking on the links on the right or on our Home Page http://www.wakefieldcap.org/

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Reducing and reusing can save money and the environment

Reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills doesn't just involve recycling, according to Richard Stinson, director of the Wakefield Department of Public Works. It also involves reusing products like glass containers and lunch bags, buying in bulk to reduce trash volume, and returning deposit beverage cans and bottles to the store or recycling center.

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