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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

International Walk to School Day 2009

Celebration of Walking

The Dolbeare Elementary School’s celebration of International Walk to School day on Wednesday, October 7 was a resounding success! About a hundred children and their parents took to the rainy streets to celebrate the day. Walkers joined the Dolbeare Walking School Bus and made their way to school where they were cheered on by pom pom waving teachers Anne Corbett, Jen Gallant, Suzie Harte and Andrea Cosentino and rewarded with Safe Routes to School pencils, ‘Livestrong’ bracelets and sneaker shapes to hang on the ‘Walking Wall’ in the gym.

Superintendent Joan Landers stopped by to express her support. Principal Phyllis Dubina, PE teacher/ facilitator Maria Caruso, Art teacher Meg Klee, custodian Ken Malonson and Walking Bus leaders Linda Powers and Sherri Carlson are among the many staff, parents and community members who collaborated to help improve student health and the environment.

The Dolbeare Walking School Bus successfully piloted in fall 2008 and during spring 2009 received a great deal of publicity from the Boston Globe, Fox 25 News and Good Morning America. This year the program has thus far expanded to the Woodville and Greenwood elementary schools who have formally partnered with MassRIDES to roll out walking programs. Next potential partners are the Walton Elementary School and Galvin Middle School. See past WCAP Walking School Bus blog posts for further information and news links.

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